Down the Wishing Well

The first book in the Wishing Well Trilogy

For anyone who has ever wished upon a penny.

Outside the tiny town of Hope’s End sits a long-forgotten wishing well that can make all your wishes come true—that is, if the wishes aren’t stolen by mermaids or woodwoses first. And of course, only if the wish meets the Wish Granters’ criteria. It’s a good thing too, because Kitsy and Teddy McGullen have a lot to wish for. They just ate their last can of food. They live below a tavern in a dreary basement. And their mom is deathly ill.


When the siblings stumble upon the wishing well, Teddy immediately uses his lucky coin to make a wish, but Kitsy is much too practical for such things. She’d rather steal the money at the bottom of the well and use it to buy whatever they need. But when they venture down the wishing well, they discover a lot more than a few old coins. The well is a doorway to the magical land of Lunia, home of the Wish Granters. Now Kitsy and Teddy must trek across this fantastical world full of magical creatures treacherous forests, and haunted labyrinths to deliver their wish and save their mom.


A Seymour Christmas:

A Ghost Story

What's the holidays without a few uninvited guests?

Welcome to 203 Seymour Street. Hardwood floors. A big old turret. A fireplace in every room. And ghosts. Yes, you heard that right—ghosts. And not just any ghosts either. These particular spooks only come out during the month of December. Nothing like ghosts popping out of your presents or a poltergeist tossing the ham around the dining room like a football to ruin Christmas. But for twelve-year-old Travis Zolecki living with ghosts isn’t so bad. Sure, there are flickering lights, strange smells, and things have a tendency to move all by themselves, but making friends and dealing with bullies at his new school is much more daunting. However, as December 25th nears, the spirits’ antics go from mischievous to dangerous. Now with the help of his oh-so-perfect sister Katie and his new friends, Travis must undercover what the spirits want or else he might not live to see Christmas morning.


The Mysteries of


It's not camp; it's survival.

Twelve-year-old Remy LeRoux would argue that she’s the very definition of a good kid. She gets good grades, visits her grandmother after school every day, and even runs her very own dog walking service. But when she makes one little mistake—okay, one pretty big mistake—her dad ships her off to Metamorphosis Wilderness Camp for Troubled Youths.

The ferry shuttling Remy and her fellow campers across Lake Michigan goes down in a storm, stranding the kids on the deserted island of Ravenrock. The kids quickly learn that something's not quite right on the island. There are cryptic messages carved into stones. A crocodile-infested lake. And the lighthouse keeper's cottage is haunted. Not to mention that there is an eerie lack of ravens for an island names Ravenrock.

Not only does Remy have to survive in the wilderness, but if she and the other campers want to return home, they must solve the island''s mysteries. 


The Monster Wars:

The Battle of Sycamore Street

The first book in the Monster Wars Saga.

Just when you thought middle school couldn't get any rougher.

Junior high has ruined Colt Kingsley’s life. He has hardly any classes with his friends. Bullies have turned his name into a joke. And he is slowly losing one best friend to the football team and the other to the popular crowd. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, a kid down the street almost dies in a freak midnight accident—except it may not have been an accident at all. Rumor claims that it was an attack. Not by an intruder or an animal, but by the thing that lives under his bed. That’s what Colt’s little sister, Talia, believes. However, twelve-year-old Colt is way too old to believe in monsters. At least until he wakes up to one lurking in the shadows of his own bedroom.


Now Colt and his friends must band together to find a way to stop the monsters and save their neighborhood.