"Those aren’t just coins, girlie, those be wishes! "

--Down the Wishing Well

The Wish Thief

There is a little town at the tippity top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where wishes really do come true.

The Mysteries of Ravenrock

“We’re almost there,” Dad says, trying to sound excited as if there is someplace I actually want to be.


I ignore him and watch as seafood restaurants and beachy tourist shops slide by the car window, my arms crossed tight. 


The school bell rung over the little village of Fox Hollow and the children sprinted out of the schoolhouse with peals of laughter and cries of freedom. The trees were aflame with color, and crispness tinged the air. The days were precious this time of year, for each was shorter than the last, and no one knew their value more than the children. 

The Monster Wars

Colt leaned forward and peered down at the boys from on high, his feet balancing precariously on the branch. There were three heads below; the two blond ones belonged to the Ruffian twins, Jax and Joey, and the dark head to their loyal sidekick, Brad Hecklor. The boys hadn’t exactly chased Colt up the tree; it had been a dare, but a dare from the Ruffian twins was as good as a threat.

The Story Behind the Seymour House

Just as Hope’s End was inspired by the real town of Calumet in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Seymour House was inspired by a real house in Lansing. Well, two houses, I suppose.

A Seymour Christmas: A Ghost Story

Welcome to 203 Seymour Street. Hardwood floors. A big old turret. A fireplace in every room. And ghosts. Yes, you heard that right—ghosts. I must have the only parents in the whole world that would buy a house with spooks on purpose. They weren’t looking for a haunted house per se, just a house with character, they said.

Welcome to the real Hope's End!

The tiny town of Hope’s End sits at the tippity top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—otherwise known as Keweenaw Peninsula. However, Hope’s End is a fictional town. BUT it is inspired by the very real town of Calumet.

The Origins of Wishing Wells

I never really thought about why we toss pennies in wishing wells or who exactly was supposed to grant our silent wishes. I knew you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about your wish, or else it wouldn’t come true.

Down the Wishing Well

At the very tippity top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula sits the tiny town of Hope’s End. Just outside this town is a meadow of tall grass, wildflowers, and rolling hills. And hidden in this meadow is a little wishing well.

Outside the tiny town of Hope’s End sits a long-forgotten wishing well that can make all your wishes come true—that is, if the wishes aren’t stolen by mermaids or woodwoses first.

My interview with Midwestern Gothic


Why did you decide to become a writer? I didn’t, really. Stories have just been playing in my head for as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid, I remember being ridiculously excited to learn to write.

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